Group Of Nigerians In Lugansk, Ukraine, Arrested For Violating Existing Curfew

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A group of Nigerians, suspected to be students, were arrested and paraded for violating existing curfew restrictions in Lugansk, Ukraine. They were said to be drinking alcohol, while some of them were accused of being in possession of Marijuana, as well as beating of an assistant to an MP, who requested not to be named. Of importance, is the supposed request by the Nigerians to be enlisted to fight against what the narrator referred to as the “Kiev Junta”, after they learnt of the planned attack on Donbass from Kiev. According to the narrator, the Nigerians expressed their satisfaction and likeness for Ukraine, are well fed and are generally happy with their current lifestyle. On camera, however, none of them made any statement.

Below is a Facebook update from Александр Жучковский, showing images matching some of the arrested Nigerians, engaged in cleaning activity of what seems to be a large compound:

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